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Introducing an independent seed brand
with world class germplasm
and a customer-first orientation.

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Developing a germplasm in the US, for the US,
at 120 dedicated research sites

Progressive soybean growers in the United States now have a new and unique option to bring world class soybean seed to their farm. Leading global soybean brand DONMARIO™ is now available in the US for the first time.


Not all soybeans are created equal.


Raw genetic potential is what drives yield, and growers who start with the most powerful genetics put themselves in a position to achieve more profitability. This is why DONMARIO exists today. To create the world’s best soybean germplasm. Then protect and maximize that genetic potential with the latest traits, technology and extensive agronomic insight.

The foundation for our success is simple. Develop the highest-yielding varieties for local geographies. Uphold an uwavering commitment to seed quality standards that surpass all industry standards. And invest in agronomic support and product stewardship to maximize yield potential.

When we do it well, the growers we serve are rewarded with optimized production, yield gains and profitability. Which is why we work so hard at doing the basics better than anyone, anywhere.

The DONMARIO path to higher yielding soybeans.

1. Start with the best genetics.


2. Create the highest quality seed.


3. Protect yield with the most advanced traits.


4. Optimize production with intelligent agronomics.

Across the globe.
And across the road.

DONMARIO comes to the US with 36 years of industry shaping experience and proven success, from South America to South Africa. In fact, DONMARIO is a leading brand in five of the six largest soybean producing countries.

In addition, DONMARIO sister brands have over 30% soybean market share in Brazil and are a significant force in Europe. This makes the genetic foundation behind DONMARIO one of the most dominant anywhere on the globe.

No brand has success on this scale without becoming an expert in several key areas. Like systematically creating elite genetics. Putting your customer and their success first. And meticulously breeding and developing genetics locally – where they’ll eventually be commercially planted. This is exactly how DONMARIO has approached soybeans in the US.

DONMARIO began testing varities in the US in 2006, and began soybean breeding in the US in 2007. Twelve years later, this very focused, diligent and sustained breeding effort has now provided elite soybean genetics specifically developed in the US, for the US.

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DONMARIO is prepared for rapid growth.

Growers can be assured that the launch of DONMARIO in the US is a well planned effort, prepared for immediate and dramatic success.


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Testing Locations
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by the numbers.

Numbers tell the story: DONMARIO is proven successful where soybeans matter most.

No matter where we sell, our recipe for creating the numbers that matter most is the same.
Create the highest yielding soybeans. Back them with industry leading quality standards.
And provide elite agronomic expertise to maximize genetic potential.

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DONMARIO is a leading global brand in six of the top soybean producing countries.

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First place, highest yielding soybean variety in Brazil’s prestigious 2018 national yield competition.


Market share in soybean-rich Argentina.


Years of soybean innovation.



Million units sold annually.

with confidence.

US Yield Testing Locations.

DONMARIO varieties are being developed and tested at over 120 research locations and 300,000+ plots for the U.S. soybean farmer. In depth testing in more local geographies, under more diverse environmental conditions, leads to higher yielding soybeans.

In addition, what makes us unique is that we have more than 30 product placement strip trials in locations across the different environments in the U.S.

Research LocationsResearch locations

TestProduct placement locations

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