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DONMARIO MAS is a network of sites and events encompassing an experience for the U.S. soybean farmer. Its goal is to generate technical and agronomic information about soybeans to share with farmers to help generate better yields. The focus is to understand the best interaction between Genetics and the Environment.


The concept started more than 20 years ago in Argentina and has expanded into all the countries where DONMARIO is present.


E Nafziger UI

Planting Date vs. Relative Maturity

What’s best in different environments?


Dr. Emerson Nafziger

University of Illinois


Dr. Emerson Nafziger, Crop Science Professor at UIUC

Emerson Nafziger grew up on a farm in northwestern Ohio and has degrees in agronomy from Ohio State, Purdue, and the University of Illinois. His research and Extension at the University of Illinois has focused on corn and soybean management, including effects of planting date and how planting date interacts with other management factors such as soybean variety maturity and foliar fungicide.


Genetics, Genomics, Molecular Markers

What is the use of these tools in agronomy?


Marcos Quiroga

GDM Research Director


Lance Burditt

GDM North America Commercial Brands Leader


Marcos Quiroga, GDM Global Research Director

Marcos Quiroga oversees the global research and development program for all commercial channels in all countries where GDM is operating.


Lance Burditt, GDM North America Commercial Brands Lead

Lance Burditt is GDM USA’s Commercial Brand Leader responsible for the strategy, execution and growth of DONMARIO and Virtue brands. His 20+ years of commercial, marketing and product management experience are now focused on creating a network of seed companies and retailers who want access to GDM’s Global Genetics horsepower and soybean focus to ultimately bring greater soybean profitability for their farmer-customers.


Best solution for SCN: Resistant Varieties, Varieties with Field Tolerance and/or Susceptible Varieties.

What is the best option for your field?


Hunt Wiley

30+ years of Soybean
Breeding Experience


Hunt Wiley, 30+ years of Soybean Breeding Experience

Hunt Wiley is working with GDM as a plant breeding consultant after a long career as a commercial soybean breeder. Hunt spent most of his 38-year breeding career working in maturities 2-4 with a strong emphasis on high yield and genetic disease protection.

Josh Gunther

Are all seed treatments the same?

Different alternatives for different agronomic practices.


Josh Gunther

CCA, Burrus Product Lead


Josh Gunther is the Product Lead for Burrus Seed Farms, Inc.

Josh’s main responsibilities include managing the Research and the Agronomy Teams at Burrus. One of Josh’s primary efforts is Product Advancement for corn and soybean products as well as seed treatment selection for PowerShield seed treatment.

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