We Keep on Getting Closer to a Better Future

The world and its needs are changing

For the next years experts envision an important lack of food and nonrenewable natural resources at a global level. Also, population is under constant growth, together with the challenges related to health and hygiene.

In DONMARIO we are strongly committed to the idea of increasing productivity and being useful in the long run, preserving the potential of productive natural resources.

More sustainable agriculture

Our main objective is for sustainability to be present in our day to day life, mainly in decision taking. That is why we apply sustainable commercial methodology to let our Company as well as the community grow, in perfect harmony with the environment.

CSR – Company Social Responsibility

We comply with the collective aim of having more sustainable products and creating a better future for the whole of the community, reducing environmental impact and increasing our positive image in society with actions within our CSR program.

Committed to nonstop improvement

In DONMARIO we are strongly committed with process optimization and continual improvement concept, setting as a challenge to increase productivity and be useful to society in the long run; preserving productive natural resources potential.

RSF – Limitless Yield

Currently, our regional presence covers all of the world’s most important soybean region –composed by Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay and Bolivia, which produce more than 50% of the world soybean -, forming one of the most extense programmes of soybean Research & Development of the planet.

The line of intelligent work on genetics at a regional scale, was identified by DONMARIO with the name of RSF | Limitless Yield.

RSF value is sustained in the achievements of our genetics, in a region that knows no boundaries and in the benefits that our varieties generate for the farm owner, for our Commercial Network and for the countries in which we operate.
Experimenting at a regional scale enables us to discover greater interaction among genotypes and environment, which generates significant increase in the knowledge of each variety.

RSF is a value guarantee that synthesizes and makes tangible benefits derived from our Research & Development programme to obtain new soybean varieties, in early Access to technological improvement, in better management practices and in our global business vision as a leading Company of the industry.

Unique characteristics that define added value

1 Considering regions as a whole, composed by different productive environments for soybean growing.

2 To use a DONMARIO exclusive working methodology based upon research and development at a South American regional scale.

3 To detect negative interactions with the environment beforehand, which allows to classify compatibility in relation to trial test variables.

4 The evaluation method that is used is the comparison between trial tests as regards yield and impact level on the most relevant management practices.

5 To have a genetic basis developed on a great diversity of productive environments in South America, allowing adaptation of our varieties in different agro-ecological environments.